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CdS: Roma Raises Andrea Belotti Offer

According to reports out of Italy, Roma has raised their “provocative” offer from last week and hope to land Andrea Belotti for €20 million.

Italy Training Session & Press Conference Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

With the European Championships set to kick off this Friday in Rome with Italy taking on Turkey, the eyes of the footballing world will be fixated on international affairs for next month. While that doesn't necessarily mean the transfer rumor mill will grind to a halt, it will have to make a lot of noise to garner any significant headlines while most of the game's best players are busy deciding the fate of the continent on pitches everywhere from Rome to Glasgow to Baku to Budapest.

One pesky rumor that's sure to survive the Euros like so many cockroaches and Twinkies outlasting the apocalypse is the potential marriage between Torino striker Andrea Belotti and AS Roma. With José Mourinho reportedly keen on landing the 27-year-old Italian forward, Roma GM Tiago Pinto has been busy trying to secure the deal over the past several weeks, reportedly offering a €15 million opening salvo last week; one that reportedly upset Torino President Urbano Cairo.

Despite the fact that Belotti's contract expires at the end of next season, Torino remains adamant in their demands for Belotti, valuing the striker at a reported €30 million. Undaunted by that 100% difference in valuation, Roma continues to press for Belotti:

According to the Corriere dello Sport, Roma has submitted a new €20 million offer for Belotti, including fixed and easily achievable bonuses. With a rumored €3 million annual salary through June 2025, Belotti stands to make a bit more than his current €2 million deal, which expires next June. With Torino holding firm at their €30 million price point and new manager Ivan Juric desperate to hold onto his striker, negotiations between Roma and Torino may soon hit a standstill, forcing Torino to look abroad for new suitors.

For his part, the CdS reasons that Belotti is pushing for a move to the capital, though he obviously won't come out and admit that, particularly not during Euro 2020. Given the difference in valuation and the sheer pain-in-the-assery that comes with any deal involving Urbano Cairo, expect many, many more updates over the next few weeks.

If landing Belotti is truly as crucial to Mourinho’s makeover plans as the rumor mill would have us believe, Roma will have to be patient and hope that Belotti's desire will tilt the tables in their favor.

Stay tuned.