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Roma's New Home Kit Leaked Online

Could this be it? Has the internet finally cracked the code for Roma's new kit?

AS Roma Training Session Photo by Luciano Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

With new owners in tow for over a year now and with the club's still shocking selection of José Mourinho as its new manager, Roma is entering an era of almost unprecedented change. From club talking points to Mourinho's training regime and tactical approach, almost everything we knew and loved about Roma from as little as 24 months ago is changing. And this period of transition even extends to the shirts on their backs.

After prematurely ending their pact with Nike, Roma entertained several sporting suitors before settling on Massachusetts-based manufacturer New Balance. While traditionally associated with running and track and field, New Balance has been making steady headway into the world's most popular sport, outfitting clubs like Porto, Lille, and Liverpool in recent seasons.

However, with Liverpool signing with Nike last year, New Balance was in need of a new, headline-grabbing client, one with enough historical cache to lend some credence to their still novel climb up the footballing ladder.

While the club has yet to officially release any of the reported four shirts New Balance has designed for the upcoming season, the kit sleuths have once again worked their magic, conjuring Roma's new home shirt out of thin air:

By now, you've likely seen this image making the rounds online. If this proves to be the Real McCoy, then New Balance decided to play it safe with their first home shirt but you'll notice a new main sponsor on the front: digitalbits, a blockchain company that makes products you have to explain to anyone over the age of 25.

We've been sitting and waiting on these kit leaks for months now, so while we await official confirmation, what do we think of this “leaked” version?