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Across the Romaverse, Episode #50: Is It Coming Home or Coming to Rome?

In our 50th episode we talk a bit of Roma before jumping into the biggest match for the national teams of Italy and England in quite some time.

England v Denmark - UEFA Euro 2020: Semi-final Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Well, it’s certainly been quite an exciting Euro 2020, especially for the four of us here at Chiesa di Totti. With Bren, Jimmy, and I being proud Italian-Americans and Sean being a loyal Englishman, there’s bound to be some differing opinions on the site in the coming days. While we’ll have our preview of the big match being released in the coming days, Sean and I decided to get a head start on things.

In this episode, we start with some Roma talk focused on Jose Mourinho’s first official press conference and the absence of some notable names in the preseason training roster. After doing our usual Roma chat, we jump into our reviews of the Italy-Spain and England-Denmark matches. Once we wrap up the reviews, we get into our preview of Sunday’s big match, where Sean and my rooting interests lie in different corners this time around.

So, tune in and let us know what you think heading into Sunday. Some highlights include:

  • Spain dominates Italy in possession
  • Italy limits Spain’s chances
  • Donnarumma’s adjustment pays off
  • Chiesa continues to score big goals
  • Morata answers the critics off the bench
  • Did Luis Enrique outcoach Roberto Mancini?
  • Does Italy lack match winners off the bench?
  • Was it a penalty on Sterling?
  • England vs Italy Match Keys around the pitch
  • Is Italy ready to be the lovable underdogs?
  • Serie A’s strong Euro 2020
  • Is this the culmination of calcio’s renaissance?
  • Match predictions: Is it come home or to Rome?

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