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Highlights of Roma's 4-0 Win Over Salernitana

21 shots, 80% possession and 4 goals. It's safe to say that Roma dominated this match.

US Salernitana v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

People typically travel to the Amalfi coast for its serene beaches, classic European architecture, gourmet food, and, of course, all the limoncello you can drink. This sun-drenched region of Italy is best saved for luxurious holidays not work outings, like the one José Mourinho and Roma endured this afternoon in the nearby town of Salerno, home to the newly-promoted Granata of Salernitana.

We say endured simply because, well, Salernitana's approach to defending Lorenzo Pellegrini and the rest of the Giallorossi was to park an entire fleet of busses in their defensive third. With Roma enjoying 85% of the ball in the first half (yes, eighty-five) and firing 10 shots on goal, the Giallorossi had their way with Salernitana in the opening 45 minutes but were frustrated to no end by their hosts, who blocked 50% of Roma's first-half attempts on goal.

However, rather than succumbing to that frustration, Pellegrini and Roma used it to fuel a second-half barrage in which they peppered Salernitanta with 11 additional shots, while still maintaining an 80% possession rate. Thanks to this continued attacking emphasis, Roma was able to overwhelm the Granata in the second half, finding the back of the net four times, including a brace from Pellegrini, a stunning team goal capped off by Jordan Veretout, and Tammy Abraham's first goal in a Roma shirt.

But, if you were like me or Steven and were unable to catch this match in real-time, please enjoy the extended highlights.