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Report: Dzeko Agrees to Two-Year Deal With Inter Milan

The annual rite of summer passage, an Edin Dzeko to Inter Milan rumor, seems like it's picking up actual steam in 2021.

Edin Dzeko of AS Roma gestures during warm up prior to the... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

As much as we tried to ignore yesterday's Edin Dzeko to Inter Milan rumors—a story that appeared and reappeared more times than we care to remember over the past three years—the updates simply became too consequential to ignore. Late last night, we outlined the chain reaction set off Chelsea's impending €115 million purchase of Inter striker Romelu Lukaku, one that quickly pulled Edin Dzeko into its orbit.

According to Saturday's reports, Inter will look to reinvest a portion of that windfall back into their squad, signing a new full-back and two new strikers, one of whom, it appears, is Edin Dzeko; a deal that may already be done in principle.

According to Fabrizio Romano, Dzeko has already agreed to a two-year deal with Inter. Of course, this now puts Roma on the market for a new striker; a list that reportedly includes Gianluca Scamacca, Mauro Icardi, and Andrea Belotti, as well as the surprising reappearance of Arsenal's Alexandre Lacazette.

While Roma's list of Dzeko alternatives likely extends beyond those four names, as Romano mentions, the Bosnian forward won't move to Inter until Roma has officially sewed up his replacement, so this saga could very well drag on through next week—if not longer.

While we wait, let us know which Dzeko replacement you prefer. Would you rather have a readymade, experienced striker or a younger player with a chip on their shoulder?