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Lazio vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread

It's derby time!

AS Roma v CSKA Sofia: Group C - UEFA Europa Conference League Photo by Luciano Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

The Derby della Capitale seldom, if ever, needs hyping up. As one of football's most celebrated rivalries, the mere sight of Lazio and Roma sharing a pitch, with their almost contrasting kit schemes and diametrically opposed fan bases, is enough to whet your football appetite. And while it's too early in the season for these local animosities to have any implications on the Serie A table, as the first capital clash featuring José Mourinho and Maurizio Sarri, this rendition of the capital derby feels a bit more important.

Lazio and Roma are likely to duke it out till the bitter end this season, fighting for one of Ital's four precious Champions League places, so this won't be the last time the two clubs are mentioned in the same breath, but in the here and now, the only thing that matters is the next 90 minutes.

The lineups are in, so let's see who comes out on top!