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Report: Roma Could Join Race for Memphis Depay

No. This isn't the first time Memphis Depay has been linked to Roma. But this time it feels...not probable...but not unthinkable?

FC Barcelona v Villarreal CF - LaLiga Santander Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Memphis Depay is no stranger to the transfer rumor mill. After bursting onto the scene with PSV Eindhoven in 2013-2014 as a teenager, Depay soon became the apple of every club's eye, and for good reason. Not only was Depay lethal in front of goal, scoring 39 league goals in 90 appearances between the ages of 17 and 20, but he also racked up some pretty healthy assist numbers, dishing out 16 helpers during that same span.

Throw in the fact that he played multiple attacking positions, and it wasn't shocking to see Manchester United drop approximately €34 million for the then-20-year-old's signature. Unfortunately for Depay, his time at the Theater of Dreams was anything but, as the Dutch winger managed only two goals in 33 Premiership appearances.

From there, Depay shuffled on to France, signing with Lyon in the summer of 2017. With 63 goals and 43 assists in parts of five seasons, he made Ligue 1 his personal playground, showcasing a blend of scoring and creating seldom seen outside of your Messis and Ronaldos.

FBL-FRA-L1-SAINT-ETIENNE-LYON Photo credit should read JEFF PACHOUD/AFP via Getty Images

With his career on the mend, Depay soon made another mega-money move, inking a two-year free-agent contract with Barcelona on July 1, 2021. While his first year wasn't as prolific as many hoped, Depay still put up a respectable 12 goals and two assists in approximately 1,800 league minutes.

But that good feeling didn't last. To say Depay has been an outcast at Camp Nou this season would be a gross understatement. With only two league appearances (114 minutes total), Depay is reportedly looking to end his Spanish sojourn a bit early. After flirting with Juventus over the summer, Depay is reportedly on the prowl for a new club, with some sources suggesting he's offered himself to José Mourinho and Roma.

To that end, Calciomercato reported over the weekend that Roma and Depay have formed a mutual admiration society, and the Giallorossi could make a move for the 28-year-old Dutch winger/midfielder/forward during the January transfer window.

Now, if all this sounds familiar, it should. We've been tracking Depay-to-Roma rumors since at least 2016 when the talented young forward was seen as a replacement for Mohamed Salah. Since then, Depay-to-Roma stories have appeared every spring, like so many swallows returning to Capistrano. And while they have made for good reading, they always seemed a bit far-fetched.

So what's different this time around?

Well, not much, so we should (as always) take this story with a grain of salt. However, for perhaps the first time since 2016, this rumor isn't that farfetched. For one, Depay will turn 29 in February, and while he's not old by, you know, life standards, he's staring the back half of his career dead in the eye, so he may not have as many options as he thinks.

Currently nursing a thigh injury, and with his presumed suitor, Juventus, actually below Roma on the table, the Giallorossi could be in the mix for Memphis.

Stay tuned.