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Across the Romaverse, #111: Roma Limps Into World Cup Break

Friend of the show, Mass Riccio joins us to discuss Roma’s struggles to close out 2022.

Andrea Belotti of AS Roma reacts after missing a penalty... Photo by Antonietta Baldassarre/Insidefoto/LightRocket via Getty Images

Depending on who you ask, the real Roma will either come roaring back in January with a fully fit squad or there are simply too many problems to fix to salvage a top-four spot. No matter which side you’re on, we’ll have about fifty days before the Giallorossi can prove either theory right. So, they’ll be plenty of time to debate it on our message boards, Twitter, and, of course, here on ATR.

This week with Jimmy and Brandon tied up with actual work, I brought on a guest. Mass Riccio joins the show to give his perspective on all things Roma.

We discuss a wide array of topics, including:

  • Roma’s draw with Torino
  • Dybala changing the game
  • Roma’s continued struggles to score
  • Rick Karsdorp’s excommunication
  • Adidas on the horizon
  • Ronaldo links
  • and much more…

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