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Across the Romaverse Podcast, #112: World Cup Chatter, Another Juve Scandal, Solbakken Signs & More

After a week off, the pod is back with plenty to talk about.

AS Roma New Signing Ola Solbakken Arrives In Rome Photo by Fabio Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

With World Cup 2022 landing smack dab in the middle of the domestic calendar, we find ourselves with an awkward pause for club teams around the world. It’s not an ideal scenario for players not participating in the World Cup or us bloggers and podcasters who have to fill nearly two months of essentially dead time mid-season.

However, with Roma being Roma and Serie A being Serie A, there remains plenty to talk about. So, besides all of the excitement going down in Qatar, there are a few big things to discuss: namely another Juve scandal and Ola Salbakken finally signing for Roma. We kick off the episode with those topics before delving into the numerous listener questions that many of you submitted.

For those of you that took the time to submit questions, we thank you. There are too many to answer in one episode without going on for hours. So, we’ll weave some more of them in the coming weeks. And if something comes to mind before next week, be sure to submit questions via the question submission post.

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