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Across the Romaverse, #110: Derby Disappointment With Steve Ceruti of The Ringer

Roma’s 1-0 defeat to Lazio in the Derby della Capitale was a tough pill to swallow, but we’re pleased to welcome Steve Ceruti of The Ringer to help us sift through the wreckage.

AS Roma v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Silvia Lore/Getty Images

Derby defeats are always tough to take, especially when Lazio isn't at full strength and still manages to leapfrog Roma, as was the case in Sunday's crushing 1-0 defeat. However, as hard as it is to talk about, these matches are perhaps the most important to discuss.

So, with Jimmy not called up for this episode, we brought in a special guest, Steve Ceruti of the Ringer, to help Brandon and I break down Roma’s loss to Lazio. We went over a number of talking points from the match, including:

  • Did Sarri out-Mourinho Mourinho?
  • Tammy’s continued scoring issues
  • Ibañez’s derby struggles
  • Roma’s issues finishing chances
  • Plus, we look ahead to the next two matches, post World Cup schedule, and the Europa League draw.

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