Pellegrini: Just an Excuse

Pellegrini plotted to overthrow Fonseca with Dxxxx in Fonseca's 2nd year, when Roma is still #3 on the table. It resulted to Roma's collapse later that season.

His "injuries" mostly come from training and pre-season matches, because he is avoiding real "body clashes" in competitive matches to prevent real injury.

Every time he "injured". he must "miraclely recover" and get back to the squad in 1 or 2 weeks, lay on the pitch for every 90 minutes, in order to prevent younger and more talented players(Bove/Volpato/...) to get played, overperform and eventually replace him.

Then when everyone think he's "completely healed" he get another "minor injury".

So when Dybala shines in World Cup Final and scores key penalty, He "injured" himself again just to get an excuse for season's second half.

Pellegrini grabs every penalties and free kicks to make his stats not so worse, but every time he take key penalties he shit the bed.(Last year vs Juventus, this year with Empoli, etc.)

It's the missed penalty when vs Juventus, that destroyed the last hope of Top 4 last season.

Lazio goalkeeper done a fake save to let his freekick get in, to make Roma club and "supporters" continue to support him to be il Capitano forever, and forget his shitness of seasons and seasons.

Isolate Abraham/Zalewski/Celik/Dybala because they are "foreigners" and a threat to those Italian nationals.

Everyone knows once Roma get Champion League money, they will buy better players and have Pellegrini/Zombiollo/Craptante/GMancini purged. So It's those Italians in the team who block Roma from Champions League year after year.

Some CdT posts said Pellegrini is barely a €5m player and won't get minutes in Sassuolo one or two months ago.

Desperately, everyone joins Roma would inevitably downfall sooner or later in recent years(Patricio/Abraham/Wijnar/Dybala/.....), even if he was a real champion and world class player before. It's no more than a "Pellegrinification" process.

(Not the fault of Mourinho. There're still SHM and Kane got inproved, even in Mou's failed tenure in Spurs.)

The suffer, failure and frustration of Roma is a punishment of Pellegrini's unprofessionality.

I read CdT posts since early Fonseca age but I have problem registering for years.