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Official: Roma Women Sign Manager Alessandro Spugna to New Deal

Picking up where Betty Bavagnoli left off, Roma manager Alessandro Spugna has taken the Giallorosse to new heights. Earlier today, the club showed their faith in Spugna, inking him to a new deal.

Alessandro Spugna Renews His Contract With AS Roma Women Photo by Luciano Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

When Roma signed Alessandro Spugna to be Betty Bavagnoli's successor as the second manager in club history, the former Empoli manager had enormous shoes to fill. Bavagnoli not only led the club to a dramatic victory in the 2021 Coppa Italia finale, but she was the architect of the entire Giallorosse project, lifting them from a concept on paper to one of the league's best clubs.

It's one thing to take the place of a successful manager, but when that manager is responsible for the club's entire existence, the task becomes infinitely more complex. However, rather than shrinking from the challenge, Spugna has built on Bavagnoli's accomplishments, turning an intriguing squad into a legitimate title contender and surprising European upstart.

With his club sitting atop the Serie A Femminile ladder and earning a shocking berth into the Champions League quarterfinal, Spugna was rewarded with a new contract earlier today.

Speaking to the press after signing a new deal through June 2024, Spugna spoke immediately about the club's ambitions:

"I would like to thank the club for this contract extension, and the faith they have shown in me to continue the work we are doing," Spugna said.

"Both myself and the club are keen to continue the great progress that began last season, progress that has already brought us significant results.

"With the ambitions we have here we all want to reach some big targets, and that's why I will give everything I have until those goals are reached."

Bavagnoli took to the mic next and was quick to praise Spugna for his achievements:

"This contract extension for Alessandro is the natural result of the fine job he has done up to now, one navigated with great focus and professionalism - and superb results on the pitch too," said the club's Head of Women's Football, Betty Bavagnoli.

"Alessandro has shown his passion, ambition and aptitude for the job and has put all of those qualities to work for a team that wants to achieve big things."

While Spugna and the rest of the Giallorosse await their next Champions League opponents, they will have a little time to relax before their next fixture against Como in the Coppa Italia and January 7th.

With the Champions League quarterfinal and a tight race for the Scudetto waiting for them, 2023 promises to be an exciting time for Roma. Spugna will need to muster all his courage and creativity to secure the club's first Scudetto, but if the past two seasons have proven anything, he's the right person for the job.