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Roma vs. Vitesse: Lineups & Game Thread

It’s the second leg of Roma’s Round of 16 Conference League matchup against Vitesse, as the Giallorossi look to punch their ticket to the quarterfinals.

AS Roma Training Session Photo by Luciano Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

Okay, so this second leg should be relatively straightforward and a mere formality, right? Right?! Well, when it comes to European competitions, the second leg is often anything but, where scripts are written on the fly and legends are born out of the most unexpected moments of magic. Romanisti are aware of this better than most - look no further than Roma’s own miraculous comeback in the Champion’s League against Barcelona. And while the stakes are a little bit lower in this Round of 16 clash with Vitesse than that famous night in Rome, the possibility of an upset is just as likely as it was then, something Mourinho has no doubt been communicating to his players in the buildup to this one.

The lineups are in, so let’s see how Roma will look to punch their ticket into the quarterfinals.