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Reports Out of England Suggest Roma May Demand €100 Million for Abraham

We don't want to see Abraham leave, but thanks to his stellar debut season, Roma stands to make a mint off their 24-year-old star in the making.

AS Roma v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Danilo Di Giovanni/Getty Images

If you've followed our matchday coverage over the past few weeks, you've likely heard us proclaim that Tammy Abraham was the best €45 million Roma has ever spent. I'm sure if you total up the amount of money they poured into developing talents like Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi, it pales in comparison, but if we're talking about a single purchase on the transfer market, then Tammy may just take the cake.

And that cake could prove to be incredibly lucrative if recent reports out of England prove accurate. Scarred by the combined failures of Roma's previous record-breaking purchases, Juan Iturbe and Patrik Schick, Roma fans suffered from sticker shock once the details of Abraham's €45 million move were made public last summer. But that wasn't the only eye-popping figure included in this deal. Buried deep within the legalese of that contract was an €80 million buyback clause that would see Abraham return to Stamford Bridge.

While that clause remains alive and well, it isn't actually valid until next summer; a minor detail that may leave Chelsea holding the bag this summer. Thanks to his impressive debut season in Italy (23 goals in all competitions to date), Tammy is quickly becoming the darling of the 2022 summer transfer market; a trend that could make Chelsea's €80 million option essentially worthless and Roma's potential €35 million profit seem small by comparison.

According to multiple outlets in England, in preparation for a Tammy transfer onslaught, Roma is ready to demand €100 million from any club who dares to dream of Tammy Two Goals wearing their colors, a list that reportedly includes Arsenal, Manchester United, and perhaps even Manchester City, who may view Abraham as an “affordable” alternative to Erling Haaland.

Buying young talent, developing them, and watching them blossom only to turn around and sell them 18 to 24 months later may not be the most enjoyable way to digest the game, but considering the economic realities of the sport, and Roma’s place within that unique ecosystem, this may be the club's best option to field a consistently competitive team.

Admittedly, the best-case scenario would see Abraham simply remain in Roma next season and beyond, but whether he returns to Chelsea or hops the next flight to Manchester, thanks to an incredibly shrewd deal arranged by Tiago Pinto (not to mention Abraham's excellent performance this season), Roma stands to make a windfall off their 24-year-old striker, whether he's sold to the highest bidder this summer or returns to Chelsea in 2023.

But, you know, maybe try and keep the young star just this one time, Roma.