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Leicester City F.C. vs. A.S. Roma: Lineups & Match Thread

Europa Conference League Semi-Finals, Away Leg

AS Roma Press Conference Photo by Plumb Images/Leicester City FC via Getty Images

The Giallorossi are set to face off against Leicester City F.C. today in the Europa Conference League Semi-Final, in a match that has been touted by many as “the true final” due to both sides’ relative stature compared to the other remaining squads. For Roma, a win against Leicester will bring them one step closer to reopening their trophy cabinet for the first time since 2008; for Leicester, it will show that a reincarnated group led by Jamie Vardy and Brendan Rodgers has what it takes to develop into a top Premier League side yet again.

The lineups are here and we’re less than ninety minutes from the start of the match, so as the match starts, be sure to follow along here and on Twitter at @ChiesaDiTotti, @ssciavilloCdT, @JimmyMiotto, @bsanti7 for up-to-the-minute insights!

A.S. Roma Lineup

Leicester City F.C. Lineup

Forza Roma!