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Official: Giada Greggi Signs New Contract Through 2025

A Roman through and through, Giada Greggi has extended her stay with the Giallorosse through 2025!

AS Roma v UC Sampdoria - Serie A Women Photo by Domenico Cippitelli/LiveMedia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

With a second-place finish in the books and their first-ever Champions League berth secured, Head of Women's Football Betty Bavagnoli and manager Alessandro Spugna are free to focus on more pressing matters: turning the club into a legitimate Scudetto threat while simultaneously testing their mettle against the best clubs Europe has to offer. And it’s not controversial to suggest that recruiting, signing, and retaining top talent is the best way to ensure the club meets those lofty objectives.

We don't know exactly what Bavagnoli has planned for Roma on the transfer market, but she's doing a bang-up job retaining the Giallorosse's brightest talents. Earlier this month, Bavagnoli not only sewed up Spugna for another year on the touchline, but she also signed Norwegian utility-woman Emilie Haavi to a two-year contract extension and Brazilian playmaker Andressa to a one-year deal, all while locking up megastar Manuela Giugliano through 2025.

But Bavagnoli didn't stop there...

Yesterday the club announced that midfielder Giada Greggi has signed a contract extension through June 2025. Greggi, a 22-year-old Roman, has never known life as a footballer outside of the Eternal City, starting her career off with RES Roma in 2014 before linking up with AS Roma in 2018.

On her new deal, Greggi left no doubt as to where she wants to be:

Deciding to renew my contract with Roma was straightforward, as it is the club I have always supported... In my head the only thought I had was of continuing with this team, a team that has been a part of my life since I was a kid.

If I look back I see a little girl who loves the club and can’t wait to take a ball out on the beach and try to imitate all the great Roma players... Today I wear that shirt every Sunday and myself and my teammates always try to do our best to live up to that honour.

Next season we are expecting a lot of great challenges and opportunities for us to develop further... I hope to be able to contribute towards the club achieving all its targets

A part of the Giallorosse since their inception in 2018, Greggi has made 70 appearances for Roma in all competitions, winning the 2019 European Golden Girl award as the best U-21 player in Europe before helping Roma hoist the Coppa Italia in May 2021.

With a wealth of experience that belies her 22 years and a keen understanding of what makes Roma so special, Greggi is primed to usher the club into its most successful era to date, teaming up with the likes of Giugliano and Elena Linari to give Juventus a run for their money at the top of the table.

Now that the league is fully professional, the Serie A Femminile landscape is poised to change dramatically, and while the club has signed several big-name players over the past few seasons, one can't help but think that Greggi remains the future of Roma, making her a pivotal piece of the club's long-term plans.