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Report: Roma Make Four-Year, €24 Million Offer to Paulo Dybala

It's probably still unlikely, but Roma aren't letting this opportunity pass them by. With no other offers on the table, Roma have reportedly submitted a €24 million deal for La Joya.

Italy v Argentina - Finalissima 2022 Photo by Mark Leech/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

Paulo Dybala to Roma has always seemed like an incredible longshot. Even when he was honing his craft with Palermo a decade ago, he seemed poised to bypass clubs like Roma altogether, especially after he dropped a 13-goal, 10-assist season for the Sicilian club in 2014-2015. It's not often that you'll see 20-year-old kids carve up Italian defenses with such ease, so it wasn't exactly shocking when Juventus dropped a staggering €41 million for Dybala that summer,

And here we are 115 goals, 48 assists, and five Scudetti later and it's safe to say that The Old Lady's money was well-spent, as much as it pains me to write that sentence. However, for a variety of reasons beyond the scope of this article, that seemingly happy marriage soured over the years, to the point where Dybala, at only 28-years-old, hit the free agent market in the prime of his career.

However, the massive bidding war Dybala expected never truly materialized as the dynamic forward/midfielder seemingly had his heart set on one club and one club only: Inter Milan. The reigning Serie A champions seemed like a natural fit for Dybala, but with the Nerazzurri preoccupied wth their re-acquisition of striker Romelu Lukaku (a fantastic piece of business for them, which, again, pains me to say), La Joya was left out in the cold.

And with Europe's other megaclubs tied down by their own pursuits, Dybala has been left twisting in the wind, waiting for Inter, PSG, Napoli, or any other Champions League club with a vacancy in attack to pick up the phone. But with his hotline remaining un-blinged (that's the only Drake song I know—sorry), Roma may have fallen bass-ackwards into their dream player, at least according to reports from the Argentine press.

To wit:

César Luis Melo, a journalist with TyC Sports in Argentina, dropped an interesting nugget earlier today. With Dybala reportedly lowering his salary demands in an effort to excite potential suitors, Roma has stepped up to the plate. According to Melo's reporting, the Giallorossi have offered Dybala a four-year, €24 million contract, which is rumored to be the first and only official contract offer to date.

However, before we dream of seeing Dybala draped in Digitabits (the red and yellow variety), we have to consider the distinct possibility that this is all a shrewd negotiating ploy from Dybala's team, who could simply be using Roma's interest as leverage to get Inter to increase their efforts to sign the talented 28-year-old.

The Giallorossi may not be able to offer Dybala Champions League football just yet, but if he's looking for a club where he'll be a god among men, Roma may be his best bet...stay tuned.