Predicting Our Downfalls or Our Triumphs?

We all love making predictions about how our beloved Roma will get on and with the expectations even higher this year I thought I would create a little something that we can triumphantly boast "I told you so" or hide in shame at how wrong we got it. So, I have put together a little google docs that everyone can add their predictions too and at the end of the season we can look back on!

The link to it is here and we have a few people being bold already!! It is set up so only I can edit as I thought it may be too chaotic if it was open to everyone, or people would be sneaky and try and change things ;)

In the comments I will post all the questions for you to fill in making it easier. Feel free to suggest other things we can predict too, I am happy to add to it.

I will add predictions till start/mid of September so no rush if you want to take your time to make these.