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Report: Work on Dybala Contract Extension Set for March

Now, this is certainly good news. With Dybala delivering the goods every weekend, the club will reportedly meet with him in March to extend his deal through 2026.

Serie A - Roma v Fiorentina Photo by Massimo Insabato/Archivio Massimo Insabato/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Paulo Dybala, a former league MVP and one of the most gifted players in Europe, plays for AS Roma. Even though he's been wearing the shirt for nearly six months now, it still doesn't feel quite real. This isn't some elaborate fever dream; Roma actually landed Dybala last summer, and on a free transfer, no less. With 10 goals and two assists in less than 1,000 minutes in all competitions, Dybala has delivered and then some.

However, as excited as we were last summer and as surreal as it still feels to see Dybala in a Roma kit, we wouldn't be Roma fans if we weren't waiting for the other shoe to drop. My predecessor here was fond of saying that Roma can't have nice things, and things don't get much nicer than Dybala, the most talented player to set foot inside the Stadio Olimpico since Francesco Totti.

Surely, there was no way on earth Roma could keep this guy. He was just using us to bounce back before signing with Barcelona, right?

Well, it appears there may be hope after all.

While Roma is in no danger of losing Dybala any time soon, the club is reportedly taking preventative measures now. According to multiple sources, the Giallorossi are planning to meet with Dybala's representatives in March to discuss extending his current deal beyond its 2025 expiration date. This new deal, which would run through June 2026, would increase Dybala's salary to €6 million net, up from his current €4.5 million (net) base salary, and would tie La Joya to Rome through his 32nd birthday.

Stories like these tend to drag on, so expect more updates between now and March, but it's certainly nice to hear the club is taking the initiative here.