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Roma’s 2023-2024 Home Kit Leaked Online

Kit leak season came six weeks early this year! They're not these Barilla beauties, but they're awfully close.

AS Photo Archive Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

Here we are on the precipice of a massive match against Milan, and with some results going Roma’s way on Saturday, a win will propel Roma to just one point behind Inter in fourth. You would think a clash with Milan, let alone one with such massive implications for Roma’s Champions League hopes, would be enough to fill the news cycle, but the machine never sleeps...

Earlier today, Footy Headlines released images of Roma’s home kit for the ‘23-’24 season. The kit would be the first kit manufactured by Adidas in their new partnership with Roma. While I’m extremely excited at the prospect of a long-term deal between the Giallorossi and Adidas, the only problem is that the deal has yet to be made official. With reports that New Balance may be looking to take Roma to court to enforce a one-year extension on the deal between the two, it may be a while yet before the Adidas partnership is officially announced.

While we wait for that situation to play out, let’s take a look at Adidas’ rumored first offering for Roma:

You’ll see from the tweet that Roma’s ‘23-’24 home kit is directly inspired by Roma’s home kit in the ‘92-’94 seasons, where the Lupetto was front-and-center and back when Adidas was the Giallorossi’s kit sponsor. Image via Footy Headlines:

With Roma’s kit-sponsor situation seemingly increasing in drama, it’ll be interesting to see if these end up being the final product once the partnership is officially announced. Still, I would be thrilled if this was it—truly a beautiful kit.

This is insanely early, even as far as kit leaks go, so it’ll be a bit before the club officially unveils anything, but in the meantime, let us know what you think!