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Official: Giada Greggi Signs New Deal Through 2027

Giada Greggi is Roma through and through. Earlier today, the Roman born midfielder signed a new deal earlier today, binding her to the club of her birth through 2027.

AS Roma Women Press Conference Photo by Fabio Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

We've spoken at length about the magical work Head of Women's Football Betty Bavagnoli has done over the past five years, piloting Roma from an abstract concept on paper to the champions of Italy. Through a combination of shrewd transfers and a top-notch development system, Bavagnoli has transformed Roma into a model for other Italian clubs.

Adding international talents like Andressa Alves, Emilie Haavi, and Moeka Minami was a huge piece of the puzzle for Bavagnoli, but identifying and retaining homegrown and/or young talent has been an equally vital component in the club's climb to the top of Italian football.

From Elisa Bartoli to Manuela Giugliano to Lucia Di Guglielmo, Bavagnoli has never failed to lock up the Giallorosse's key players to long-term deals. This trend continued today when the club announced a new contract for star midfielder Giada Greggi.

A born and bred Roman, Greggi has been with the Giallorosse since day one. The 23-year-old midfielder, who we once hailed as the future of Roma, has become indispensable for Alessandro Spugna's side, teaming up with Giugliano and Saki Kumagai to form one of Serie A's best midfield trios.

On her new deal, Greggi spoke about the symbiosis between her development and the club's growth:

"I'm delighted and proud to be able to continue to represent the club I've supported since I was a child," expressed Giada. "Both me and the team have developed season upon season, both in Italy and in Europe, and I see every day that the club's ambitions and mine are in perfect alignment."

"I'm convinced that Roma has so much more to give me. I'll repay the faith that's shown to me on a daily basis every time I take to the pitch. I owe the club and the fans, who in every match make a real spectacle at Tre Fontane and also follow us around Europe."

A point Bavagnoli reiterated:

"Giada is exactly the kind of player who we always want at Roma: her footballing talent is superb and she's got a strong bond with the club," commented Betty Bavagnoli, Head of Women's Football.

"Over the years as both the team and Giada have gone from strength to strength she's become a fundamental member of the squad. We're delighted to extend her contract."

Greggi has two goals and one assist in 255 minutes for the undefeated Giallorosse so far and figures to feature prominently in the club's top-of-the-table clash against Juventus next weekend.