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A.S. Roma vs. Servette F.C.: Lineups & Match Thread

Europa League 2023/2024: Group G, Matchday 2

AS Roma v Frosinone Calcio - Serie A Tim Photo by Fabio Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

While today’s match against Servette FC shouldn’t be Roma’s most challenging match in October, it is nonetheless both a must-win and a chance for rotation. The Giallorossi eked out a win against Sheriff FC to start the Europa League group stage, but given how poor Roma’s form has been to start the Serie A season, every winnable match needs to be won if only to maintain a good mentality in the locker room and set Roma up for bigger things.

Of course, this need to win has to be balanced with the need for squad rotation - particularly with players like Paulo Dybala and Renato Sanches playing important roles in the side when healthy, they need to be sat from time to time to guarantee their availability later in the season. José Mourinho has done his part on this end, providing chances in the starting lineup to Mile Svilar, Rasmus Kristensen, and Andrea Belotti. If they can take part in a convincing win for the club, it will give Mourinho more breathing room and hopefully allow for more rotation in Serie A matches - which could prove critical in October and November as the Giallorossi face the likes of Inter Milan, Lazio, and Slavia Praha over the span of two weeks.

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