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Across the Romaverse #153: Roma Shows Resolve in Scoreless Derby Draw

Nick Dianni and Mass Riccio join us to discuss last weekend's Derby della Capitale and what it means for both clubs' chances at the top four.

Football, Italian Serie A: SS Lazio vs AS Roma Photo by Elianto/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Rome derbies typically provide plenty of talking points to discuss after the fact. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case this time, as Roma and Lazio played to a scoreless draw where both sides seemed more content not losing than going for the win. However, the lack of excitement on the pitch doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty to discuss for both clubs.

With Jimmy unable to make this week’s recording, I brought in a few familiar faces from both sides of the Olimpico. Mass Riccio (@MasRiccio) returned to the show to give us his take on Roma, while Nick Dianni (@NickDianni) of Kicks and Picks Pod (@KicksPicksPod) joined to give some perspective for Lazio.

We discuss the derby before debating both sides' chances at finishing in the Champions League places, winter mercato upgrades, and plenty more.

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