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The Coppa Curse: Will Roma Ever Lift Its Tenth Cup?

Another year, another Coppa Italia disaster. Italy’s domestic cup hasn’t been kind to the Giallorossi since 2008. Will they ever win it again? Does it even matter?

AS Roma Lorenzo Pellegrini’s disappointment lying in the... Photo by Andrea Staccioli/Insidefoto/LightRocket via Getty Images

Seriously, can’t we just buy our tenth Coppa Italia at this point? Even if Roma gets a 15-point deduction or gets relegated to Serie B, I don’t care. Just do it. That way, it makes all our lives a little bit easier and less dramatic.

Ever since Roma won its ninth Coppa back in 2008, the club and its fanbase have been obsessed with the ‘silver star’: the famous logo for having ten Coppe Italia in your trophy cabinet. AS Roma would have been the first team in Italy to achieve that feat. Not Juve, not Milan, not Inter. Roma. Well, that would be something to brag about for years to come. Not to mention the special silver detail on Roma’s kit. It would sell millions of those all around the world.

Fast forward to 2023, and Roma is still hunting that cursed tenth Coppa Italia while Juve already has 14 (back in 2008, they had nine, just like Roma). Inter are just one Coppa behind us at eight, while our neighbors Lazio won three Coppe since 2008, including the derby final in 2013.

Auch. Now that we’ve brought up that painful evening in May. That isn’t the only heartbreak Roma suffered in this competition. There’s also a lost final vs. Mourinho’s Inter in 2010 (the season in which Roma also narrowly missed out on the Scudetto). Sooo close to the silver star AND the Scudetto emblem in the same year. Imagine buying Roma’s shirt the following season; what a frikkin’ beauty that would have been.

In 2015 there were even two Coppa nightmares. In February, Roma lost at the Olimpico to Fiorentina 0-2. Ten months later, Spezia (remember that name) eliminated Roma, also at the Olimpico, after a penalty shootout in the round of sixteen. In 2017, once again at home, the Giallorossi lost to Torino by one goal.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse: Roma happened big time in 2019 and got its ass kicked by Fiorentina 7-1. Let me repeat that: 7-1 Fiorentina. Not Manchester United, Bayern, or Barcelona but Fiorentina. If you’re feeling nauseous, listen to me: we’re not done yet.

In 2021 Roma faced Spezia (yes, they again) and lost 4-2 after extra time, but it changed into a 3-0 defeat because apparently, Roma made a total of six subs instead of the authorized five. Thanks a lot, Paulo Fonseca and staff. Even my 5-year-old nephew can count to ten.

The Hall of Shame now welcomes a new member: this week's loss to Cremonese. Thanks to a horrible foul/penalty and an own goal. FYI, Cremonese is a team that hasn’t won a single Serie A game so far and is dead last in the standings. Ok, so they eliminated Napoli before, but you simply can’t let an opportunity like this slip away. The table was smiling like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker inhaling nitrous oxide for three hours straight.

Perhaps we were too spoiled after the Conference League win? We should know better. Roma fans can’t have nice things on a yearly basis. But this Coppa Italia quest is getting out of hand. I don’t even dare to look up Roma’s home record in the Coppa since 2008.

The only positive thing about this competition? There’s another chance next season to clinch the Voldemort of all trophies. Or in 2025. Or 2026. As long as Roma doesn’t face the likes of Spezia, Bari, SPAL, or Brescia at home.