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Report: Mourinho to Remain With Roma Through 2024

With rumors linking him to jobs all over Europe, José Mourinho has reportedly poured cold water on those rumors and will remain with Roma for one more season.

Real Sociedad v AS Roma: Round of 16 Leg Two - UEFA Europa League Photo by Luciano Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

There are few positions in sports as volatile as the manager of AS Roma. When taken with the unrelenting pressure of the local press, a fanbase starved for success and short on patience, and the club's always tenuous financial situation, it takes a stout heart to sit on Roma's bench. Considering all that, it's no wonder we've seen managers come and go roughly every 18 months.

And for much of the past few months, it seemed like José Mourinho, perhaps the most unlikely man ever to toe the sidelines at the Stadio Olimpico, was destined to make an early exit from the Eternal City. With rumors of unfulfilled promises and a roster not up to his usual standard, Mourinho was soon linked with posts as varied as the Portuguese National Team, PSG, and even a return to Inter Milan.

Quibble if you must with Mourinho's approach or dealings with the press, but the last thing Roma needs right now is another hard reset, especially when moving on from Mourinho would likely mean the club would lose Paulo Dybala and Chris Smalling shortly after that.

Throw in a dash of Antonio Conte unexpectedly being in the job market and reportedly keen on returning to Italy, and rumors of Mourinho's exit threatened to dominate the news cycle this spring. But there is good news on the horizon.

According to the Corriere dello Sport, Mourinho has decided to honor the final year of his contract and will remain Roma's manager through June 2024.

Perhaps this kerfuffle will lead to some new investments to his liking. Still, if nothing else, Roma will have continuity on the bench for another year, which should give GM Tiago Pinto time to implement a succession plan for The Special One.

So, what do we think, Roma fans? Are we happy Mourinho is running it back for one more year?