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Across the Romaverse #127: Roma Overwhelms Udinese, Feyenoord Return Leg Next

The Giallorossi took care of business at the Olimpico on Sunday. Now, the attention turns back to Feyenoord.

AS Roma v Udinese Calcio - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

There’s a famous opera aria called “La Vendetta” written by Mozart as part of his work La Nozze di Figaro. The lyrics translated to English go like this:

Vengeance, oh vengeance, is a pleasure for the wise

Forgetting shames and insults is a sign of lowness and cowardice

With cunning, with wit, with wisdom, with common sense,

It could be done...

The issue is serious

But believe me, it will be done

And with the way things played out at the Olimpico on Sunday, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mourinho said something similar when he recalled the 4-0 beatdown Roma suffered in Udine earlier in the season. Next on the Roma revenge tour is Feyenoord in the second leg of the Europa League, with the Dutch side coming to the fortress of the Olimpico.

In this episode, we discuss both matches and much more, including:

  • Pellegrini & Abraham’s confidence-boosting goal
  • Roma’s PK issues
  • The approach against Feyenoord
  • Formation permutations with and without Dybala
  • Mourinho’s second-leg success
  • Free Agent rumors

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