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Highlights of Roma's 3-2 Win Over Juventus

Roma all but sealed the Scudetto after toppling their bitter rivals in a thrilling come from behind victory at the Tre Fontane this afternoon.

AS Roma v Juventus FC - Women Serie A Playoffs Photo by Luciano Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

The scripted ending to Roma's first league title would have seen the capital club vanquish their bitter rivals Juventus on the final matchday. And if we wanted to get really schmaltzy, that film would have ended with a dramatic penalty kick or some sort of Kostas Manolas-style miracle goal. In reality, Giallorosse fans had to settle for a ceremonial title, as Roma's thrilling come-from-behind win over Juventus at the Stadio Tre Fontane all but assured Roma would hoist the trophy next week when they host Fiorentina.

But things weren't quite so rosy from the outset today in Rome. After trading blows (and a few near misses) with the Old Lady in the opening 10-12 minutes, Roma fell behind one-nil in the 14th minute thanks to a sensational goal from Juve forward Barbara Bonanansea, who sliced her way through the 18-yard box before deking Carina Wenninger out of her boots and slotting home a left-footed shot at the far post.

In the past, conceding a goal like this would have completely broken Roma's back, but the days of the Giallorosse capitulating to the Old Lady are dead and buried. Rather than hanging their heads, Roma found an equalizer a mere 120 seconds later, thanks to a heads-up play from Giada Greggi.

With Juventus struggling to build from the back, Cecilia Salvai attempted to thread a pass through the midfield, but rather than finding its intended target, the ball drifted aimlessly in the middle of the park. Sensing an opportunity to pounce, Greggi burst into the empty space, intercepted the loose ball, drove past two defenders, and split two more with a brilliant through ball, playing Valentina Giacinti into the box. While Giacinti's shot was parried away, Andressa beat two defenders to the loose ball, scoring an equalizer from the seat of her pants.

Juventus would wrest the lead back in the 25th minute after Arianna Caruso (a Roman, ironically) drew an incredibly soft penalty on Roma defender Carina Wenninger. After converting the PK, Juve was back in the driver's season, but with a near soldout crowd urging them on, Roma would have the last laugh.

Trailing 2-1, the Giallorosse needed a strong showing in the second half to mount a comeback and move one step closer to sealing the Scudetto. And while it took longer than they likely preferred, Valentina Giacinti's 60th-minute strike was worth the wait. After a bit of back-and-forth volleying in the midfield, Giacinti settled a looping header from full-back Lucia Di Guglielmo some 20-yards away from goal, held off the defender and took a few touches before rifling the ball into the upper right-hand corner.

While a 2-2 draw would have been a just result, Roma wrote their storybook ending when striker Sophie Roman Haug, who had just returned from injury, got on the end of a cross from fellow Norwegian Emilie Haavi, scoring a sensational header at the far left post sending the crowd (and her teammates) into hysterics.

Thanks to this thrilling victory, Alessandro Spugna, and the Giallorosse have an 11-point lead at the top of the table with only four matches remaining, meaning Roma can claim the title with a win over Fiorentina next weekend.