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Reports: Tammy Abraham Has Torn Left ACL

A disappointing season ended in the worst possible way for Tammy Abraham, who reportedly tore the ACL in his left knee.

AS Roma v Spezia Calcio - Serie A Photo by Silvia Lore/Getty Images

A disappointing season went from bad to worse for Tammy Abraham and Roma on Sunday at the Olimpico. The Englishman entered the fray in the 64th minute, hoping to find Roma’s winning goal against a stubborn Spezia side. Instead, his night lasted just over a quarter of an hour when he tumbled to the turf awkwardly after tussling with a defender on the break.

And after seeing Tammy carted off the pitch in the 80th minute, Romanisti feared the worst. And in the Romaverse, that worst has historically been an ACL tear. And those fears have been confirmed tonight with multiple sources corroborating that exams have revealed a torn ACL for Roma’s starting #9.

Expectations were high for Abraham, who scored 17 league goals in his maiden voyage in Italy’s capital last season. However, this season, his eight league tallies were a big disappointment, and this injury means that it ends in the worst way possible just minutes from its conclusion.

The media has been rife with speculation as to what the future holds for Abraham after his sophomore slump. Now, we’ll probably never truly know what Roma had planned for Abraham this summer, as an injury of this severity likely means that nobody will come in with a significant offer for the Englishman. If Tiago Pinto was ready to cash in on a potential Premier League return for Abraham, it’ll likely have to happen 12 months from now after the player has restored his value.

This injury will have far-reaching consequences on Roma’s future. With Tammy essentially off the market, Roger Ibañez now becomes the most valuable player likely available on the transfer market.

Meanwhile, Roma will be without its starting striker until late in the 2023 calendar at the earliest. And without Champions League revenue coming in to finance a replacement, it could mean a bigger role for Andrea Belotti (who scored zero league goals this year) and Ola Solbakken.

First and foremost, we wish Tammy the best and a speedy recovery. We know he’ll come back hungrier than ever, but Pinto’s job just got a bit more complicated this summer.

Stay with us—the rumor mill will start churning just a bit harder after this unfortunate news.