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Paulo Dybala Confirms He'll Remain With Roma

Now, let's get that man a new contract!

Football, Italian Serie A: AS Roma vs Spezia Calcio Photo by Elianton/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Now that June’s selling frenzy is in the rear-view mirror, Roma’s transfer market has slowed down to a snail’s pace. Of course, the rumors are ever-present, but in terms of actual players coming in, the club has only brought in Diego Llorente on loan since the early signings of Houssem Auoar and Evan Ndicka, both on a free transfer.

So naturally, Romanisti will be focused on who else could be joining the club, but there’s always the threat of losing a player as well. And it's safe to say that Paulo Dybala is the player that Roma is most wary of losing, thanks to that pesky 12 million euro release clause.

With rumors that Chelsea are interested in La Joya heating up, the man himself wasted no time in affirming his commitment to Roma.

Footage from LAROMA24 shows Dybala addressing the rumors directly and saying that he’s set to stay at the club. After experiencing countless summers of watching in horror as Roma sold star player after star player, it’s a pleasant surprise to have this one shut down so early on Dybala himself.

Of course, you never know when it comes to the transfer market, so my words may certainly come back to bite me, but for now, Romanisti can still say that we have Paulo Dybala, and you don’t.