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Matias Viña and Eldor Shomurodov Leaving Roma on Loan

Tiago Pinto continues to winnow down the senior squad, as the Giallorossi ship two underperforming signings off to smaller Serie A sides.

AS Roma v Raja Casablanca - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Silvia Lore/Getty Images

The most important job a General Manager has at a club like Roma isn’t signing the best player available. Quite often, the most important job is finding a landing place for players who are no longer in the club’s plans. On some level, if the player is willing and the money is there, it’s easy enough to bring in new signings. It’s far more difficult to squeeze money out of a rock by turning a profit on spare parts.

While Tiago Pinto hasn’t been able to do that just yet, with the two players reportedly leaving the club, he has set up loans with options to buy in both instances. Roma confirmed today that the Uzbek Messi is heading to Cagliari on loan, while Gianluca Di Marzio is reporting that Viña’s move to Sassuolo will be complete after he undergoes his medical on Monday.

Both Shomurodov and Viña came to Rome with high expectations — not necessarily the expectations of a Paulo Dybala or a Tammy Abraham, but still, these players were brought in for hefty transfer fees under the assumption that they could become important parts of the rotation.

Unfortunately, neither Shomurodov nor Viña was able to become indispensable while with the Giallorossi. Instead, they spent most of their time at the club on the bench, clearly impressing neither José Mourinho nor Tiago Pinto. Both Shomurodov and Viña moved away from Rome in the January 2023 winter mercato on loan (to Spezia and Bournemouth, respectively), and now both will depart Trigoria yet again on loan.

If I had to diagnose what went wrong with both Shomurodov and Viña, I’d say they joined too big of a club too quickly. Shomurodov had looked reasonably impressive during his season at Genoa, but one season in Serie A for a mid-table side isn’t a guarantee that a player will be able to make the jump to a big side and still produce.

Similarly, Matias Viña came with a sterling reputation from Palmeiras, but you’d be ridiculous to say that playing for a big club in Brazil is anything close to playing for a big club in Europe. I wouldn’t be shocked if either player succeeded in their next spell away from Roma and became worthy of the purchase option attached to their loan; it’s just that the bright lights of Rome aren’t for everyone.

Tiago Pinto certainly isn’t done with coordinating favorable exits for senior squad players who have fallen out of Mourinho’s rotation; both Gonzalo Villar and Bryan Reynolds look set to leave Roma on a permanent basis in the next week, with Villar headed to Granada and Reynolds moving back to Westerlo.

We’ll be sure to unpack the implications of these moves when they become official, but until then, in bocca al lupo, Eldor and Matias!