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Cristian Totti Signs With Frosinone Primavera

He's still a couple of steps away from the big leagues, but the younger Totti is poised to make a name for himself, leaving the Roma academy to sign with Frosinone's Primavera side.

AS Roma v Feyenoord - UEFA Europa Conference League Final 2021/22 Photo by Luciano Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

We can all use a break from Roma's monotonous, dreary, and depressing summer transfer market, right? So, rather than rehashing the Marcos Leonardo and Renato Sanches transfers, or the most recent Nemanja Matic-sized headache, let's shift gears entirely and talk about the progeny of our patron saint Francesco Totti.

As the son of the greatest Roman to ever walk the earth (no offense to Marcus Aurelius), no matter where his football career takes him, Cristian Totti will always carry the weight of his father's legacy. From football to hockey to baseball and even auto racing, pick any sport you want, and I'm sure we've seen athletes struggling under the weight of their family's athletic legacy.

It's unfortunate and definitely not fair, but there's no escaping it. Francesco Totti is AS Roma and the reason millions of fans flocked to the Giallorossi over the past 25 years, so Cristian will likely never be able to shake that label. However, if we can divorce the player from the name, the younger Totti has a chance to stake his claim in the Eternal City, but it won't be with Roma, at least not yet.

While Totti came through the Roma Academy ranks like his father, his path to the Giallorossi won't be as straightforward. Earlier this summer, there was speculation that Totti would leave Roma's youth ranks to sign with Frosinone's Primavera side. By the looks of his Instagram account, the 18-year-old Roman striker has done just that, signing with the Canaries Primavera side.

We'll keep tabs on Totti's progress with Frosinone, but at only 18, we still have a couple of years before we start speculating about what type of player the younger Totti may become. But if he hits the ground running, it won't be long before we start pining for his return.

No player on earth can match Francesco Totti's legacy with the Giallorossi, but we'll be rooting for Cristian every step of the way as he looks to carve out his own legacy.

But, I mean, come on. He has to play for Roma someday.