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Report: Roma & Mourinho to Discuss Possible New Deal in December

Could The Special One venture into uncharted waters and stay with a club past the magical year three? According to Calciomercato, we may soon find out!

AS Roma v Empoli FC - Serie A TIM Photo by Ivan Romano/Getty Images

José Mourinho is a man of many talents, but staying in one job for more than a few years isn't high on his list of attributes. Mourinho, 60, has been a top-flight manager since the year 2000. In his twenty-plus years on the bench, only once, during his first stint with Chelsea, has The Special One remained with a club past his third season in charge. And even then, he left the club on September 20, 2007, six matches into his fourth season in charge at Stamford Bridge.

At every other stop, be it Inter Milan, Real Madrid, or Manchester United, Mourinho never outstayed his welcome, leaving the bench in three years or less. The reasons behind those exits are as varied as the man's post-match pressers; his M.O. is clear: give me three years and then get out of my way. But can this tiger change his stripes?

We haven't necessarily seen a softer or gentler Mourinho with Roma, but he has opened up about his changing perception of the game and how much he values the relationships he's built with current players. In that light, and perhaps because he's further along in his career, maybe he will buck this historical trend.

According to, Roma and Mourinho are open to extending their professional relationship beyond June 30, 2024, the expiration date on Mourinho's current contract. Calciomercato continues to say that, among other things, Mourinho would like another manager, specifically one to deal with the always prickly Roman media, with club legend Francesco Totti reportedly topping the list. Additionally, they cite new and/or permanent deals for Paulo Dybala and Romelu Lukaku among Mourinho's wishes for Roma in 2024 and beyond.

This story will develop in the coming weeks and months. If Roma uses their 7-0 thrashing of Empoli as a platform for greater success, we'll likely see more stories like these. If, however, they falter, expect to see names like Thiago Motta and Roberto de Zerbi linked with the Giallorossi bench.

Stay tuned!