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Across the Romaverse #164: DDR Suffers First Defeat as Roma Falls to Inter Milan

Roma fell to Inter in De Rossi’s first big managerial test. We discuss our key takeaways and look ahead to next week's return to the Europa League.

AS Roma v FC Internazionale - Serie A TIM Photo by Danilo Di Giovanni/Getty Images

With a perfect 3-0 start to his tenure, Daniele De Rossi put Roma back on track in the midst of difficult waters. However, many pointed out that De Rossi’s side only had to best three of the bottom four sides in the Serie A table—something Mourinho’s most ardent supporters pointed out that he likely would’ve done as well.

Nevertheless, whatever side of the argument you fall on, we can all agree that league leaders Inter would be the first true test of De Rossi’s managerial acumen. Would he have his side up for the league leaders both mentally and tactically?

When all was said and done, Inter did defeat Roma 4-2. But not all defeats are created equally, and we break down the good and bad from this one. Plus, we look ahead to Thursday’s Europa League playoff match against Feyenoord. So, listen in and give us your thoughts on De Rossi’s first defeat as Roma CT.

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