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Report: Francois Modesto Likely to Be Named Roma's Next Director of Sport

Now that Tiago Pinto's tenure is officially done, the club have reportedly lined up his replacement: Monza's Francois Modesto.

Cagliari Calcio v AC Monza - Serie A TIM Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images

Now that Tiago Pinto has exited stage left, gifting Roma with two promising last-minute signings (Angeliño and Tommaso Baldanzi), the club's next order of business is tabbing his replacement. While it doesn't generate quite as much buzz as actual transfer rumors, the Giallorossi have been linked with several intriguing candidates from all over Europe.

However, according to the Corriere dello Sport, the club has decided to stick within Serie A for their new DS. The CdS reports that Roma will likely name Monza Director of Sport Francois Modesto to the same post in the Eternal City. While nothing is official, Modesto has reportedly been in close contact with the Friedkin family and club CEO Lina Souloukou.

According to the Corriere, Modesto's familiarity with Serie A, the Italian transfer market, and the league's politics in general tipped the scales in the 45-year-old's favor. Modesto, a former defender who played for Cagliari and Monaco, among other clubs, started his administrative career as a scout with Olympiacos before accepting a Technical Director position with Nottingham Forest. After three years in Britain, Modesto caught his first big break in 2022 when he was named Sporting Director for newly-promoted Serie A side Monza, who finished a surprising 11th last season.

While no timeline was provided, the Corriere suspects an announcement in the coming days—stay tuned!