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CDT Think Tank

Smalling, Lukaku and the Redundancy of Anti-Racism Campaigns

Anti-discrimination campaigns have gone off-track. A move to letting diversity speak for itself once more should be the aim.

What if Mino Raiola Actually Bought Roma?

Mino Raiola has made passing comments about buying Roma, but what would the club look like in his hands?

Building the Perfect Roma Player

Using traits from any player in club history, we construct the perfect Roma player.

What Makes a Perfect Footballer?

In a two-part series we take a look at what makes a perfect footballer and then set out to create the perfect Roma player.

A Roma Five-a-Side Team to Decide the Season

If you had to build a five-a-side from Roma's current roster to save the season, who would you choose?

A €120 Million Fantasy Plan to Rebuild Roma

You've got one summer and €120 million to turn Roma into a winner. What would you do?

What Does Fuzato's Brazil Call-Up Tell Us About His Roma Future?

Roma's third-choice keeper received a shocking call up to the Selecao for their upcoming November friendlies.

Racism and Violence in Calcio: No Heroes in this Story

Racism barely scratches the surface of the cleanup needed in Italian football culture, where lives will be lost ahead.

Which NFL Team is Right for Roma fans?

Not an easy question to answer.

Would Roma Really Consider Bringing Kevin Strootman Back?

A good washing machine is hard to find.

Here's a Crazy Idea: Double Your De Rossi Pleasure

Hear me out...

Ranking Roma's Roster: From Irrelevant to Indispensable

Roma has an oddly shaped roster, but there are some gems in there, but which ones are heirlooms and which ones should be pawned?

Walking On James Pallotta’s Eggshells Amid the Roma Qatari Takeover

James Pallotta’s denials live on, despite CdS and L’Equipe insisting the Qatari interest is real.

The Cases For and Against Champions League Qualification

Roma closed in on the Top 4 this weekend, but would it be better for the club to miss next season’s UCL?

Could You Imagine Totti as Roma's Sporting Director?

Totti hinted at a possible change of role for next season, but could the man who was essentially Roma lead Roma?

Monchi’s 2017 Transfer Time Machine: Could You Outwit the Master?

How will Monchi’s Roma stint be remembered? We try to outdo him in the summer of 2017.

Who Will Snatch Third Place in Serie A?

Recent form has seen Inter shrink while Milan and Roma soar. Is third place really in the Giallorossi’s grasp, or is it a mirage?

Is Any Current Roma Player Worthy of Totti's Number Ten?

Francesco Totti is sacrosanct for Roma fans, but what about the shirt number he left behind?

Has Roma’s Run in the Champions League Raised Your Expectations Going Forward?

To answer that question we turn to the Mario Bros and the Chicago’ll see.

Should Roma Sell Kevin Strootman if Inter Milan Comes Calling?

This is a tough one.

Should Roma Rebuild or Simply Reload?

You play Pallotta, what would you do?

Poll: Which Former (Sold) Roma Player is Missed Most?

It’s definitely not Pjanic.

Will You Watch the Juventus Documentary on Netflix?

It’s Sophie’s Choice for North American Roma Fans

Which Lazio Player Would You Welcome to Roma?

Kolarov is the first (former) Lazio player to move to Roma in a while, is there anyone else you’d welcome?

The Pros & Cons of Positivity

Let’s talk about the talk we’ve been talking about.

Is One Year of Totti Worth Losing Spalletti?

It’s a question we’ll be grappling with all summer long.

Is Qualifying for Champions League Necessary for Long-Term Success?

Seems like an obvious question, but are there other routes to success?

Remaking Roma’s Roster: Who Survives Monchi’s First Summer?

You be the judge

Manolas or Rüdiger?

Its looking increasingly likely that Roma will part ways with one of their highly sought after central defenders. Who gets the chop?

Two in the Hand: Roma’s Impending Goalkeeper Crisis

Considering how successful i Lupi have been so far, it’s only natural that I needed to find something to worry about.

Which Summer Storyline Has You Most Stressed?

Summer is months away, but we’ve got time on our hands, so let’s stress out.

How Can We Make Roma More Italian?

We all used to laud Roma for being more Italian (better yet, Roman) than the rest of the league. How can we get back to that?


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