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Celebrating The History of AS Roma

Roma's Best-Ever Kit Bracket: Quarterfinals

The field of 16 lovely shirts has been narrowed down to eight. Who will survive and advance?

Bracket Challenge: Roma's Best-Ever Kit

16 challengers and only one can win. You decide.

Roma Primavera Deep Dive Pt. II: Comparing the Talent of the 2000s vs Today

Roma's Primavera in the 2000s gave us Daniele De Rossi and Alberto Aquilani, but not much top talent since. Has the well really run dry? Or should we change the lens through which we judge talent?

An All-Time XI: Best Rest of the World XI to Ever Play for Roma

You get cool points just for namedropping Hidetoshi Nakata. So, without further ado...

An All-Time XI: Best Europeans to Ever Play for Roma

After tackling the Best South Americans and Best Italians to don a Roma shirt, we look at the best eleven(Non-Italian) European players for the Giallorossi.

An All-Time XI: Best Italians to Ever Play for Roma

Roma’s had hundreds of Italians play for the club in its history, but only XI can make the cut on CdT.

Roma Primavera Deep-Dive Pt.I: Notable Graduates from 2010-17

Just how much top flight talent has Roma’s youth sector turned out over the last decade?

Where Did It All Go Wrong for Luciano Spalletti? Part II: 2008-2017

Is it harder to find peace in the decisions we make? Or the decisions we willingly put in our brother’s hands?

An All-Time XI: Best South Americans to Ever Play for Roma

Roma have mined the New World for plenty of talent over the decades. Here are the best 11 South Americans to ever play for Roma.

The Moments that Cost Roma the 2010 Scudetto

We all know about Sampdoria, but Roma's seeds of disappointment were planted much earlier.

This stream has:

The Best Roma Team to Never Win a Scudetto

Claudio Ranieri's 2009-2010 team came painfully close to winning it all. Join us as we relive all the highs and lows from that season.

Jeremy Menez Could Have Been So Much More for Roma

Roma fell short in 2009-2010 thanks in part to Jeremy Menez's regression.

Where Did It All Go Wrong for Luciano Spalletti? Part I: 1997 to 2008

Luciano Spalletti sold his football short to the benefit of no one, least of all his club. This is Part 1 of an Italian cautionary tale.

The Year of Almost: Key Players, Surprises and Disappointments from Roma’s 09/10 Squad

It wasn't the deepest roster we've ever seen, but Ranieri got some magical seasons from several key players, as well as a couple of duds.

‘09-’10: The Best Roma Team to Never Win a Scudetto

Roma have mastered the art of second place, but no team came as excruciatingly as close as the 2009-2010 squad.

What if Roma kept Luca Toni after 2010?

Could Luca have guided Roma to one or more trophies?

Roma Waves Goodbye to Lupetto Creator Piero Gratton

In 1978, Roma needed to start selling shirts instead of players. Gratton came up with the immortal answer.

This stream has:

A Revisionist History of AS Roma

The life of a Roma fan is filled with What Ifs, so we answered a few.

What If Roma Kept the 2016-2017 Team Together?

Perhaps the biggest What If question of the past several seasons.

Totti's Performance in World Cup 2006 Delivered a Victory and Vindication

Il Capitano had some forgettable moments for the national team, but the 2006 tournament was a high point.

The Pocketbook History of A.S. Roma: Part III (1937-1942)

Roma say goodbye to an ageing squad, then borrow from Hungarian football to win a shock 1942 league title.

This stream has:

The Pocketbook History of A.S. Roma

Don't know much about the first few decades in Roma history? Never fear, we've got you covered.

The Pocketbook History of A.S. Roma: Part II (1931-1936)

Roma sells her star player to Lazio, and captain Fulvio Bernardini refuses to fix a match for the league title.

The Pocketbook History of A.S. Roma: Part I (1927-1930)

What makes Roma your club? There’s over 90 years of pathos, glamour and the occassional win to choose.

Where Are They Now: Roma's 2001 Scudetto Team

It's been almost 20 years since Roma tasted Scudetto glory, but they did it in dramatic fashion, securing the title on the last day of the season. So, where are our heroes of 2001 now?

On This Date in Roma History: Totti Derby Double Drowns Lazio

A Totti derby double was one of the highlights of a mediocre season.

Marco Cassetti: A Crucial Cog in Roma's Mid-2000s Successes

Marco Cassetti wasn't a superstar, but he was one of a handful of players who made you fall in love with the club.

El Shaarawy Shares De Rossi's Farewell Speech

A rare glimpse into the Roma locker room, and an emotional one at that.

AS Roma Player of the Decade: Francesco Totti

Not only is Francesco Totti on the team of the decade, he's the player of the decade.

Roma Team of the Decade, Forward: Edin Dzeko

After a forgettable first season in the capital, Dzeko has slowly etched his name into the club record books.

Roma Team of the Decade, Forward: Mohamed Salah

He's gone on to even greater heights, but we like to think he honed his craft in Rome.

AS Roma Kit of the Decade Countdown

Now this was a tough decision.


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