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Mattia Destro: Dancin’ Days Are Here Again

Looking ahead at Roma’s fixture against Bologna, we remember our favorite flag grinding forward.

Pescara v AS Roma - Serie A
Hold me closer, tiny dancer
Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Ah, the summer of 2012, the end of our tiki-taka pipe dream and the hopeful beginning of Zemanlandia. It was a changing of the old guard to the new with some of Roma’s proudest players saying their goodbyes. So long Juan, adios Pizarro, bon voyage Brighi, eat some cookies and have a beer for me Simplicio! They would have no part in Zeman’s schizophrenic attacking play. Instead, enter Michael Bradley, Dodo, Balzaretti, and no other than Mattia Destro, Italy’s prospect at center forward.

While I could go into the history and downfall of Destro’s Roma career, Bren actually dropped a similarly themed piece nearly a year ago: Mattia Destro’s Short but Brilliant Roma Career. How quick we forget! So, instead we will take another approach, an ode of sorts to Destro’s provocative celebration.

Now, while I’m a fan of the giallorossi signature celebrations, the Totti thumb-suck, Batistuta’s machine gun, Montella’s little airplane, and Borini’s “knife” between the teeth, Destro’s dance remains the most unique. Though a tad distasteful, and perhaps a little arrogant, no one can doubt that ownership of Destro’s suggestive pole dance. Who else have you seen pull their shirt up by their teeth and give a lap dance to the flag?

I’ll give you a moment to cool your sweat, and compose yourself...

Looking back through the highlight reels, it remains a mystery why Destro abandoned his signature celebration in the 2014/15 campaign towards the end of his Roma tenure. It could be argued that his last goals were just so marvelous that he simply couldn’t get to the flag in time without being overrun by teammates. Or maybe he matured?

Whatever the reason, its difficult to pinpoint the actual last time he danced in a Roma shirt, but the corner flag received a lot of attention in the 2012/2013 season. It is also possible that highlight reels chose to cut out our Dearly Departed Destro’s sexy saunter. That said, we will all be hoping come this weekend that the Stadio Olimpico’s corner flags remain pure, unsoiled, and Destro-less.