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Official: Stadio della Roma Plans Approved, 2020 Opening Targeted

Man, there’s just too much good news to go around here lately. Not only did Roma defeat Qarabag to advance to the round of 16 in the Champions League, thanks to the 1-1 draw between Chelsea and Atletico, they did so as Group C winners, and while that’s ultimately a hollow title, it should put them in slightly better position for the knockout seedings. And to top it all off, thanks to some brokering by Francesco Totti, Roma should have a shirt sponsor by the time the round of 16 kicks off (more on that later).

But right now, this is all that matters:

After years and years and years of delays, ranging from frogs to tower heights, Roma’s soon-to-be gleaming new home, the Stadio della Roma, a/k/a the SdR, a/k/a The House that Francesco Totti Built, was given the all clear today. And no, that’s not a misprint.

From the official site:

Following the approval given by Roma Capitale, the Metropolitan City, the Region of Lazio and the government on 24 November, the various regulations were discussed at meetings on Monday and Tuesday and the Tor di Valle project was given the green light.

Speaking after the decision was publicly announced, AS Roma president Jim Pallotta commented: “I'm delighted because I know what this decision could mean for Rome itself, for our club's future and for our fans - and we want to give them the home they deserve.”

The early timeline would see the House that Totti Built open for the 2020-2021 season, and while its namesake obviously won’t be there, nor will Daniele De Rossi (the odds are long, at least), with Alessandro Florenzi and Lorenzo Pellegrini in tow, Roma’s new ground should still house a few local boys.

Given the five years or so of delays, you may have forgotten what the SdR looked like, but never fear, the club has got you covered. It’ll be a long couple of years waiting for this thing, but if James Pallotta’s assessment is correct, this could be the final piece of the puzzle.