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Roma & De Rossi Close To New 2-Year Deal

DDR looks set for two more season in giallo e rosso.

AS Roma v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Approximately six weeks ago, I assembled the CdT crew to discuss one of the more pressing and emotional matters of the day: the future of Daniele De Rossi, Roma’s beating heart. After a combative career for club and country, one in which he’s logged some heavy minutes, seldom shying away from a tackle and careening headlong into anyone in his way, DDR has started to slow down just a touch, giving enough pause to question the future of his career—would he solider on for Roma or find safe harbor somewhere overseas?

Well, if you believe the rumors, it seems as though Roma’s fiercest son will remain comfortably in our bosom for at least two more seasons. Sky Italia reported this morning that the club and De Rossi are hashing out the details of a new two-year contract, one that would keep DDR in the Eternal City through 2019, by which point he’ll be pushing 36-years-old, and given he’s relentless spirit and the intermittent discussions of moving him to center back, don’t simply assume this will be his last deal either.

Anyway, as far as the particulars are concerned, De Rossi is taking a heaping pay cut, dropping from €6 million per season down to a reported €2.5 million per annum. Allow me to do the math...De Rossi is taking a 58% paycut! Quite an ego blow for a lesser man, but De Rossi is as loyal as the day is long, so it’s not surprising to see him sacrifice to much to remain with the only club he’s known. You know, assuming all this is true.

Again, I’ll never weep for a millionaire, but I’d be surprised if that was the final figure, he’s still worth at least €3 to €3.5 million, don’t you think?

Nevertheless, it appears as though we’ve dodged bullet number one on our list of summer stressers. We’ll pass along more news as it becomes available, but it appears as though the beard is here to stay!