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Sassuolo Confirms Di Francesco is Heading to Roma

We’re getting closer...

Atalanta BC v US Sassuolo - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

As we mentioned a few days ago, the Eusebio Di Francesco-to-Roma rumor was perhaps the worst kept secret of the year. From the minute whispers of Luciano Spalletti leaving town started this winter, Di Francesco’s name was the first to appear in his wake, due both to his history with the club and his recent record with Sassuolo. While he may not be received with overwhelming praise from all corners of the Romaverse, the move made and makes sense for ample reasons.

To date, Roma has yet to comment officially on these rumors, simply saying that a new coach was imminent, but today EDF’s former employer has let the cat with the hipster glasses and three piece suit out of the bag.

Di Francesco will belong to Roma shortly, we can say it...We met with the Giallorossi’s board and everything will go through in a matter of days pretty much. We didn’t have any doubts, given our excellent relationship with Roma.

Well, there you have it—it’s widely speculated that Di Francesco will be formally announced as Roma’s latest manager tomorrow. We’ll have coverage and reaction if that is indeed the case.

If not, umm, probably more Salah stuff, right? Who doesn’t love that!?