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Patrik Schick Out with Hip Injury

AS Roma v Chapecoense - Friendly Match Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

For a guy who's only played 16 minutes with the club, Patrik Schick’s career couldn’t be any more Roma if he tried. Schick was the subject of nearly unprecedented hype prior to signing with Roma, provoking the usual highs and lows that come with following this club, with many wondering whether or not his heart would hold out, and I don’t mean that figuratively.

However, after passing his medical examinations, it seemed as though everything was hunky dory. After playing catch up with his new mates late in the summer, Schick made his club debut over the weekend against Verona, and once again in keeping with the chaos that is this club, gave people visions of grandeur after roughly 18 seconds.

With his first touch in a Roma shirt, Schick awkwardly cut in from the right before slipping past a defender with gazelle-like grace and nearly firing one past the keeper. It perfectly encapsulated the delirious highs and crushing lows that come with following this club. So in that sense, Schick is the perfect Roma player.

So, of course, it should come as no surprise that he is injured once more, having been felled by a pulled hip flexor. Now, I’m not medical expert, but this seems like the sort of injury that may have been caused in part by his lack of a pre-season, so let’s keep our fingers crossed he heals quickly.

With or without Schick, Roma should be able to weather the Benevento storm on Wednesday...we hope.