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Perotti Leaves Training with Calf Issue

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No word on whether or not he’s in jeopardy for this weekend.

Bologna FC v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

I loathe international breaks. I hate them. I despise them. I rue them. I detest them, I even abhor them. While I love the Azzurri and understand these breaks are a necessary evil, when it comes to the Roma news cycle, these breaks are precisely that...evil. Two weeks without dissecting press conferences, arguing tactics and imagining lineups is simply too much. Then again, given the state of the Azzurri after Ventura’s reign, maybe two weeks isn’t enough.

But I digress, as you may have noticed, the Roma news cycle has ground to a halt, and at this point in the break—when the Nazionale is done but Serie A hasn’t kicked back into gear—actual news is about as rare as a three dollar bill.

Last week during a down point in the news cycle we discussed the concerns surrounding Daniele De Rossi’s toe and/or foot, and while it seems like DDR will be back for CSKA Moscow next midweek, at least De Rossi’s injury was tangible.

The same cannot be said for Diego Perotti, at least not in terms of any modern medical imaging...I think.

With the squad slowly returning to Roma to tune for this weekend’s match with SPAL 2013, Eusebio Di Francesco received a bit of potential bad news today, as Diego Perotti was forced to leave training early with a calf issue, a left calf issue to be specific, which we all know is the evil calf muscle.

While no indication was given regarding the severity of the injury, if you read between the transfer lines, it sure seems like one of Perotti or Stephan El Shaarawy may be packing their bags come January, so an injury to either one of them, no matter how small, could throw a monkey wrench into that plan.

That’s pure speculation of course, but in the here and now, both men are notoriously streaky players, and with Roma still needing to gain ground on the top of the table, they can’t afford ill health on top of that already inconsistent foundation.

We’ll keep tabs on this one and hope and pray that the news gets, you know, more newsworthy tomorrow.