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De Rossi Fractures Foot in Empoli Match


AS Roma v Frosinone Calcio - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

For a player as rough and tumble as Daniele De Rossi, it’s a wonder he doesn’t get hurt more often. Hurling his body about the way he does, one would think DDR would have suffered more bumps and bruises over his storied career. Not that I’m wishing harm upon him, but let’s face facts, De Rossi has no off switch, so it’s something of a miracle he hasn’t endured more strains and bruises than he has.

All of which brings us to today’s news: De Rossi has, at long last, been injured. It appears that, at some point on Saturday, De Rossi fractured his foot, specifically the fifth proximal phalanx during Roma’s victory over Empoli. If that sound somewhat familiar, it should—Aleksandar Kolarov experienced a similar fracture prior to the Lazio match at the end of September.

The natural question is, of course, how will this impact DDR’s ability to remain on the pitch? While the club hasn’t released any information on the injury, if we use Kolarov’s experience as a benchmark, we...we...don’t find much information.

Despite the injury, Kolarov still played 90 excellent minutes in that derby, as well as 74 in the Champions League against Viktoria Plzen last week, though he was rested against Empoli and may find similar rest for Serbia over the international break.

So, using Kolarov as a guide post, it seems like De Rossi might just require intermittent rest over the next few weeks, with a quick Google search revealing that these types of fractures can heal without surgery in as little as 3-4 weeks, so perhaps this was a well timed international break after all.

Nevertheless, this is further reminder that, as the senior member of the squad, De Rossi will require more regular rest than in years past.

Time to step it up, Cristante.