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Roma Prepping New Deal for Alisson

Ali$$on, amirite?

FC Barcelona v AS Roma - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Leg One Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

I’m not sure I’m intelligent enough to come up with a list of superlatives to describe Alisson Ramses Becker, who is practically the Shohei Otani of goalkeepers given the way he stops shots while also creating scoring chances. The man we affectionately call The Brazilian Don Draper has been a revelation for Roma, morphing from a Coppa Italia curiosity last season into the league’s best keeper this year, delighting fans along the way with his stupendous reflex saves and audacious Cruyff turns.

As we mentioned in our April review earlier today, Alisson is more than just a keeper; he’s an added weapon—a keeper who can save your ass one minute and thread an 80-yard pinpoint pass the next—a luxury Roma can no longer afford to live without. Unfortunately, Alisson is not a secret weapon; the whole world is onto him.

With the likes of Liverpool, PSG and Real Madrid swiping right on OK Keeper, Alisson’s inbox is flooded with veritable dick pics...I mean transfer offers. So what’s a club to do when your chick/dude is suddenly the center of attention?....put a ring on it.

In order to forestall those advances, Roma are reportedly prepping a new deal for Alisson. According to several sources, the club is set to offer a Alisson a new five-year deal, one that would pay him €3 million per season, double his current wages.

When Roma loses a player it’s typically the old refrain “oh, he wants to compete at the highest level” or “he’ll never win the Champions League with Roma” but now that Roma have to the precipice of greatness, those refrains may soon fall on deaf ears.

The bitter irony is simply this: none of those things are or would have been possible without Alisson. Remove him from the equation and Roma is demonstrably worse.

So keep an eye on this one, the Alisson transfer saga could make last summer’s Mohamed Salah sale look like child’s play.