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Roma Released from FFP Review


US Sassuolo v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

It would be a damn near impossible task to figure out which actual letters we’ve used most here at CdT over the past few years. Certainly ‘T-o-t-t-i’ would rank up there, but not far behind would be the consonant trio of ‘F-F-P’, better known as Financial Fair Play, UEFA’s mechanism to...uh...seem important...which has plagued Roma for several years now. Thanks in large part to the discrepancy between their revenue and expenditures, Roma has been forced to make some tough choices to remain in line with those guidelines.

Well, guess what!?

Today the fine folks at UEFA relinquished their steely grasp around Roma’s neck, deeming Roma compliant with FFP:

The CFCB [Club Financial Control Body] Investigatory Chamber confirmed that FC Krasnodar, FC Lokomotiv Moscow, AS Monaco FC, AS Roma and FC Zenit St Petersburg have been considered in compliance with the requirements and overall objective of their agreements. Consequently, they have all exited the settlement regime.

This is great news of course, but don’t assume James Pallotta and Monchi will suddenly start spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave. I’m not an FFP expert, but this seems like something that could come back around if they’re not careful.

But, taken with their run through the Champions League (and the subsequent revenue), the Qatar Airways deal, the pending Hyundai deal and the rumors of new broadcast rights for Serie A, Roma are in as good a position as they’ve ever been under the American regime. So maybe, just maybe, we can start to smile again.

But for the love of god, don’t sell Alisson!