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Pallotta Suspended and Roma fined by UEFA

Roma’s President banned three months for Champions League outburst.

AS Roma v Juventus FC - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It’s no secret that Roma’s president James Pallotta’s words have at times gotten him in hot water with Roma fans; most recently when he said Alisson wouldn’t be sold, only for the keeper to be sold just weeks later. This time however, it’s not the fans who have come down on Pallotta for his words. It’s UEFA.

The governing body of European football has suspended Pallotta for his rant after Roma’s elimination from the Champions League semifinals at the hands of Liverpool. If you recall, Pallotta called the officiating embarrassing and called for the use of VAR in the Champions League to eliminate refereeing mistakes.

Pallotta has been suspended three months for those comments. The ban covers UEFA competitions, which in Roma’s case means the Champions League. The ban will start with Roma’s first match in the group stage this fall. The ban prevents Pallotta from entering the technical area, locker room, or tunnel, as well as, communicating with coaches and players. Pallotta does plan on appealing the suspension.

Meanwhile, the club has been fined €19,000 for projectiles being thrown by fans, insufficient organization, and blocked stairwells in the stadium.