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Reports: Massara Nearing Director Position with Roma

Seems like Ricky might shed the interim tag.

US Citta di Palermo Unveils New Player Ezequiel Munoz Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

To say Roma are facing an uncertain future would be an understatement. Embroiled in a four team fight (at minimum) for Italy's final Champions League place next season, Roma's financial future is twisting in the wind like the last leaf on a limb; finish in fourth place and they should, if nothing else, remain at status quo, but if they fall beyond fourth place, well, let supermarket season commence.

And as if that weren't enough uncertainty, Roma don't even know who will be making all those critical administrative decisions, to say nothing of who will be coaching the team in the fall. While the latter point will be decided in the near future, it seems as though Roma have locked down some measure of consistency in the front office.

According to Tuttomercatoweb, and subsequently picked up by RomaPress and RomaNews, Federic "Ricky” Massara will shed his interim tag and become Roma's latest Director of Sport.

Massara, 50, had a brief spell as a manager with Benevento and Martina before moving into administrative roles with Palermo during the summer of 2008. Massara would follow Walter Sabatini to Roma in the summer of 2011, serving as Sabatini’s deputy for several years, ultimately following him to Inter in 2016—can you even imagine how much second hand smoke he's inhaled over the years?

Ricky returned to Roma last summer as the general secretary (who comes up with these titles?) where he dealt with non-footballing operations until, of course, he stepped in for the not so dearly departed Monchi earlier this year.

While Massara will assume the DS role, Roma has reportedly not ruled out bringing in Luis Campos or Gianluca Petrachi as "technical directors” and/or transfer consultants, which, if true, would seem to undercut Massara's authority in building a team, something he’s never really done.

Massara is currently en route to Roma from Boston, so expect an official confirmation before the end of the week.