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Player Ratings

Sinners & Saints: Roma 2, Empoli 0

A clean sheet, two impressive goals and three points. After that, it's nothing but halos in our day after player ratings series, Sinners & Saints.

Sinners & Saints: Zorya 0, Roma 3

It was touch and go for a bit yesterday, but there are plenty of halos to pass out after Roma's blanking of Zorya.

Sinners & Saints: Lazio 3, Roma 2

Yesterday's five-goal thriller means plenty of action for today's S&S, our day after player rating series.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 1, Udinese 0

Roma weren't at their finest yesterday, but they did receive more than a few saintly performances.

Sinners & Saints: Hellas Verona 3, Roma 2

After their first defeat of the season, our day after player ratings piece is a bit more dour, except for the capitano!

Sinners & Saints: Roma 5, CSKA Sofia 1

There shouldn’t be much debate about who wore the biggest halo in Roma’s Conference League victory at the Olimpico.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 2, Sassuolo 1

Stephan El Shaarawy may have stolen the headlines, but he was far from the only saint in yesterday's last-gasp win over Sassuolo.

Sinners & Saints: Salernitana 0, Roma 4

With Roma winning in dominant fashion again, there’s nothing but halos to go around in Campania.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 3, Trabzonspor 0

A great win and a clean sheet means only saints this time around.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 3, Fiorentina 1

It’s easy to hand out match ratings in Week 1, especially when Roma collect 3 goals and 3 points at home.

Sinners & Saints: Italy 1 (3), England 1 (2)

The Azzurri had plenty to celebrate yesterday, but not all of the Italians will be wearing halos above their winners medals after defeating England in penalty kicks.

Sinners & Saints: Italy 1 (4) vs Spain 1 (2)

It was a mixed bag of individual performances as the Azzurri gutted their way to a place in the final by defeating Spain.

Sinners & Saints: Italy 2, Belgium 1

The halos keep raining down on the Azzurri after an impressive victory over world #1 Belgium.

Sinners & Saints: Italy 2, Austria 1

He may not have scored in the match, but Leonardo Spinazzola was once again the MOTM for Italy and leads the charge in our Sinners & Saints breakdown of Italy's 2-1 win over Austria.

Sinners & Saints: Italy 3, Switzerland 0

The Azzurri impressed again, which means we have more halos to give out.

Sinners & Saints: Turkey 0, Italy 3

The Azzurri ranks were full of halos as Italy opened Euro 2020 in impressive fashion.

Sinners & Saints: Spezia 2, Roma 2

A second-half surge saved a few halos in our final player ratings piece of the season.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 2, Lazio 0

An unexpected derby win means we’re handing out wings.

Sinners & Saints: Inter Milan 3, Roma 1

A bit of a mixed bag, but there were more bright notes from this defeat than you'd imagine, including two veteran stalwarts finishing the year on a high.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 5, Crotone 0

After bagging a handful of goals yesterday, we have plenty of halos to pass around today!

Sinners & Saints: Sampdoria 2, Roma 0

Another defeat means it's time to pour through the dregs of Roma's loss to Sampdoria—their third straight defeat.

Sinners & Saints: Manchester United 6, Roma 2

Roma put on a horror show yesterday, so don’t expect much positivity here!

Sinners & Saints: Cagliari 3, Roma 2

The disappointing league losses are all starting to bleed together.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 1, Atalanta 1

Bryan Beckenbauer continued his transition into a slick fielding center back with 90 spectacular minutes yesterday.

Sinners & Saints: Torino 3, Roma 1

We had to really dig deep to find positives from this one!

Sinners & Saints: Roma 1, Ajax 1

Roma advance to the semi-finals, so we’re here to beatify a couple of guys.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 1, Bologna 0

Despite the torpid pace yesterday, Roma actually produced a few noteworthy performances. Here are the best and brightest from Roma's 1-0 win over Bologna.

Sinners & Saints: Ajax 1, Roma 2

All the standouts and strugglers from yesterday's Ajax match in one convenient place.

Sinners & Saints: Sassuolo 2, Roma 2

Our day after player ratings are a bit of a mixed bag following Roma's draw against Sassuolo. No shock there.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 0, Napoli 2

Yesterday was...not pretty. Nor are our day after player ratings.

Sinners & Saints: Shakhtar Donetsk 1, Roma 2

Roma overcame a dreadfully boring first half to dust off Shakhtar 2-1, advancing to the quarterfinals in the process. Here are the names and faces who led the charge.

Sinners & Saints: Parma 2, Roma 0

We had to mine the depths of yesterday's defeat to find the righteous Romans.


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