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Player Ratings

Sinners & Saints: Torino 3, Roma 1

We had to really dig deep to find positives from this one!

Sinners & Saints: Roma 1, Ajax 1

Roma advance to the semi-finals, so we’re here to beatify a couple of guys.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 1, Bologna 0

Despite the torpid pace yesterday, Roma actually produced a few noteworthy performances. Here are the best and brightest from Roma's 1-0 win over Bologna.

Sinners & Saints: Ajax 1, Roma 2

All the standouts and strugglers from yesterday's Ajax match in one convenient place.

Sinners & Saints: Sassuolo 2, Roma 2

Our day after player ratings are a bit of a mixed bag following Roma's draw against Sassuolo. No shock there.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 0, Napoli 2

Yesterday was...not pretty. Nor are our day after player ratings.

Sinners & Saints: Shakhtar Donetsk 1, Roma 2

Roma overcame a dreadfully boring first half to dust off Shakhtar 2-1, advancing to the quarterfinals in the process. Here are the names and faces who led the charge.

Sinners & Saints: Parma 2, Roma 0

We had to mine the depths of yesterday's defeat to find the righteous Romans.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 3, Shakhtar Donetsk 0

Roma turned up the heat in the second half and it shows in our day after ratings.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 1, Genoa 0

Not the prettiest match we've ever seen, but Roma showed resolve in holding off Genoa's late advances.

Sinners & Saints: Fiorentina 1, Roma 2

Amadou Diawara stole the show in yesterday's win over Fiorentina.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 1, Milan 2

In a wild end-to-end match, Roma were left disappointed, but Jordan Veretout was all aces once again and leads our pack of saints.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 3, Braga 1

With Roma through to the Round of 16, it's nothing but smiles in our player ratings series, Sinners & Saints.

Sinners & Saints: Benevento 0, Roma 0

Some good, some bad and a whole lot of in-between. We take a look at the standouts and the strugglers from yesterday's draw with Benevento.

Sinners & Saints: Braga 0, Roma 2

Another solid run from Roma produced nothing but halos in our day after player ratings, highlighted by a couple of welcomed returns.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 3, Udinese 0

A resounding victory means there's plenty of praise to pass around in our day after player ratings.

Sinners & Saints: Juventus 2, Roma 0

Errors ruled the day in Roma's two-nil defeat to Juventus yesterday.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 3, Hellas Verona 1

Hey, a big win! Against someone in the top half of the table!

Sinners & Saints: Roma 4, Spezia 3

There was no upset this time, thanks in large part to Lorenzo Pellegrini and Borja Mayoral.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 2, Spezia 4

Still short of the silver star, no saints to be found.

Sinners & Saints: Lazio 3, Roma 0

Nobody’s getting canonized today, that’s for sure.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 2, Inter 2

Some sinners. Some saints. Some stuck in-between. What else would you expect from Roma v Inter?

Sinners & Saints: Crotone 1, Roma 3

Another stellar performance from Roma yesterday...are you starting to believe?

Sinners & Saints: Roma 1, Sampdoria 0

Despite the rain, Roma prevailed thanks to several standout performances.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 3, Cagliari 2

Jordan Veretout and Edin Dzeko lead the way in the final S&S of 2020.

Sinners & Saints: Atalanta 4, Roma 1

An ugly second half produces an ugly look back at yesterday's defeat to Atalanta.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 3, Torino 1

Another solid all around effort from Roma launched them back into fourth place. Let's have a look at the standouts from yesterday's victory.

Sinners & Saints: Bologna 1, Roma 5

Another blowout means another jam packed list of saints.

Sinners & Saints: CSKA Sofia 3, Roma 1

This match lacked significance and Roma's execution was equally lacking, but young Tommaso Milanese was one of the few bright spots.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 0, Sassuolo 0

A scoreless match but still plenty of positives to go around.

Sinners & Saints: Roma 3, Young Boys 1

Another banner day for Roma means plenty of halos to pass around!

Sinners & Saints: Napoli 4, Roma 0

An ugly defeat equals an ugly player rating recap. No halos, all pitchforks.


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