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Roma Interested in Chelsea Keeper Petr Cech?

Roma may need a new veteran goalkeeper, and Petr Cech may need a new job. Can we get these two in a room together and hash this thing out? Perfect doesn't even begin to describe this fictional transfer.

Paul Gilham

Roma has been without a world class keeper since I don't know when, filling in the gaps with anything-but-sure-handed Brazilians, unknown Uruguayans, and World Cup heroes gone awfully wrong. Walter Sabatini's latest strategy has been to burn the candle at both ends, employing keepers on the opposite end of the career spectrum. While much of the credit ultimately rested with the defense, Roma received a turn back the clock performance from 37-year-old Morgan De Sanctis last season, while young Lukasz Skorupski flashed enough promise in limited minutes to avoid the first of what would surely be several loan spells, a/k/a The Curci Plan.

Well, part of the danger of living life on the tightrope is that eventually the ends become frayed and those suddenly tenuous tendrils are the only thing keeping you free from harm. In this instance, fears that MDS' injury is more serious than originally expected has left Roma looking for a veteran keeper, one to step in and contribute immediately, sparing the Giallorossi from leaning too heavily on Skorupski, who is still too young and inexperienced to carry Roma through multiple competitions. Furthermore, with De Sanctis' contract expiring at the end of the year, Roma has further impetus to seek an in-his-prime keeper, one who is endured life in the European theater.

Enter Chelsea's want away keeper Petr Cech. With the emergence of Thibaut Courtois, Cech has found himself on the bench, head gear in hand, watching one of the world's next great keepers sit in his throne. Cech has over 300 Chelsea appearances to his name and has won 13 trophies during his ten years in London and could presumably be easily swayed to join Roma, where he'd once again have a shot at first team, European football.

Speaking to the Czech media, Cech lamented on his current state of affairs:

I think they know me well enough at Chelsea to know that the situation is definitely not the way I would imagine. With the European Championships in 2016 and the national team in mind, there is no time for me to sit on the bench and not to play. If the situation will not start to improve for me then I will want to solve it...I have not spoken to anybody at the club but if the situation will not start to improve for me then I will want to solve it.

At only 32-years-old, Cech should have at least five years of top level production left under that padded helmet, so, in both shape and form, he might be the ideal candidate to serve as a bridge to the Skorupski era.